Technical information

QuayRemarkDepth (m)Anchor depth (m)Quay length (m)BollardsPower connectionWater supplyWaste handling
Flåm Cruise quayISPS NOFLA0001121103 x 100 tonne beyond the quay at each end and 5 x 50 tonne on the quaymax 125 Amax 100 cubic metres/hour80 cubic metres per hour, must be ordered 48 hours in advance
Flåm Tender quayISPS NOFLA0003
Capacity: 2 ships each with two tenders simultaneously
GudvangenAccess restrictions
Bakkasundet, depth 10 m
650 - 60 Sandy seabed40
AurlandSeveral quays of varying length2 - 550 - 100 Sandy seabed25